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Specifications of historical Thread Standards

In April 1955, representatives from the UK, Canada and the USA agreed on a miniature thread standard. The measurements for the Unified Miniature thread has been defined with reference to the ISO standard. Unlike most metric Screws, the designation consists of the diameter of the screw in millimeters followed by UNM.
The flank angle is 60°.

Thread Size mmMajor Diameter mmPitch mmTPI
0.30 UNM0.300.080317.50
0.35 UNM0.350.090282.22
0.40 UNM0.400.100254.00
0.45 UNM0.450.100254.00
0.50 UNM0.500,125203.20
0.55 UNM0.550.125203.20
0.60 UNM0.600.150169.33
0.70 UNM0.700.175145.14
0.80 UNM0.800.200127.00
0.90 UNM0.900.225112.89
1.00 UNM1.000.250101.60
1.10 UNM1.100.250101.60
1.20 UNM1.200.250101.60
1.40 UNM1.400.30084.67
UNM Thread